Pi Hackathon app ideas!

Pi Network Official Blog
3 min readAug 5, 2021

Pioneers, welcome! The Pi Hackathon is an opportunity for the Pi community to develop applications on the Pi apps platform that will create real life utilities and infrastructures. Tap the Read More button above to learn more about judging criteria and app ideas the Core Team would like to see built.

When reviewing community applications, the Pi Core Team (CT) will look for polished projects that adhere to the below criteria:

  • Current usability and accessibility
  • Workable and useful utilities
  • No detrimental bugs
  • Refined user flow and experience
  • Increase in Pioneers’ engagement
  • User growth for the app itself and the Pi Platform through organic growth mechanisms
  • Community ratings
  • Transaction ability through proper integration of Test-Pi

Moreover, CT has listed the types of applications we would love to see built. Our list is split into two categories — (1) CT-supported high priority apps and (2) other community-focused apps.

High Priority Apps

  • Know Your Client (KYC) app — an open-source identity management project that may be country-specific.
  • Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) app — a governance project where community opinions and decisions are surfaced and made through a Network voting system. For community elections on committee leadership positions, candidates should be able to post profiles, resumes and application materials. This decentralized election organization will allow Pioneers to propose ideas and improvements for the Network at large through proposal submissions, sponsors, representation and review.
  • Wiki app — a user-facing database where Pi Moderators can post and edit content (text, image, video) to support the community education about Pi, e.g. how to use the app, or how to troubleshoot issues.
  • Bug Tracker app — a project where Pioneers can post reports about bugs or network issues. From there, others should be able to report their experience with the same issue, and Core Team members can gather more info and report that the bug is resolved.
  • Ad Network apps — an ad marketplace where the Pi community can pay with Pi to buy ads that will be shown throughout the Pi Browser.

Community-focused Apps

  • Loyalty program app — an app that local store owners can use to digitize their loyalty programs if they are still using paper cards. When was the last time you visited a boba tea store and they still had to stamp a physical card for you? Well, imagine this store could show you a QR code and accomplish the exact same thing in 1 second through the Pi Browser. Store owners can not only create modern loyalty programs but also strengthen their Pi earning teams.
  • News app — a crowdsourced news-posting platform where Pioneers can post, comment, upvote and reward others using Pi.
  • Image/art/NFT app — an art/image sharing platform for community engagement with user produced content. This may include a kind of NFT marketplace/gallery to discover and purchase NFTs with Pi.
  • Game apps — a project where Pioneers can play games with each other or against a global leaderboard. Features for sharing API will be important to improve the game’s interaction structure. Emphasis should be placed on social integration such as push notifications, leaderboards, competitions, etc.
  • Quiz apps — a platform where Pioneers can post and take fun quizzes.
  • Survey app — a platform where market researchers and academics can post surveys that Pioneers can fill out to earn Pi.
  • Marketplace apps — a platform where Pioneers can buy/sell goods and services with Pi.
  • Social apps — a community platform where Pioneers can interact with each other, e.g. to chat, date, meet up, share profiles, etc.
  • Decentralized Finance (DeFi) app — a transaction platform through which decentralized loans and tokenization of real world assets (real estate, gold, stocks, etc.) can occur between Pioneers to provide liquidity for Pi assets.