Pi Hackathon app ideas!

Pioneers, welcome! The Pi Hackathon is an opportunity for the Pi community to develop applications on the Pi apps platform that will create real life utilities and infrastructures. Tap the Read More button above to learn more about judging criteria and app ideas the Core Team would like to see built.

When reviewing community applications, the Pi Core Team (CT) will look for polished projects that adhere to the below criteria:

  • Current usability and accessibility

Moreover, CT has listed the types of applications we would love to see built. Our list is split into two categories — (1) CT-supported high priority apps and (2) other community-focused apps.

High Priority Apps

  • Know Your Client (KYC) app — an open-source identity management project that may be country-specific.

Community-focused Apps

  • Loyalty program app — an app that local store owners can use to digitize their loyalty programs if they are still using paper cards. When was the last time you visited a boba tea store and they still had to stamp a physical card for you? Well, imagine this store could show you a QR code and accomplish the exact same thing in 1 second through the Pi Browser. Store owners can not only create modern loyalty programs but also strengthen their Pi earning teams.



This is the official Pi Network blog by the Pi Core Team Website: minepi.com

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