Pi Hackathon Midpoint Check-in & Video Submissions Update

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2 min readJul 18, 2021


Hi Pioneers,

We are opening up video submissions for progress update to check-in on your team & project. This also provides us feedback on the update & status on how your team & project is going so far.

This is also another way for your team to submit any questions, feedback or support you may need from the Pi Core team.

Video Submissions & Feedback form are opened now — please prepare & submit an update.

Extended Deadline: Saturday July 24th, 2021

We’ve increase the time available to submit your video for your project.

Where to submit: We will have several ways to send in your video update:

  1. Submit via Google Form — HERE
  2. Submit directly in the Brainstorm App (Coming soon)
  3. Submit on the Pi Ecsoystem Developer Discord server #video-update

Acceptable Video Upload format:

  • Youtube — Upload
  • Google Drive
  • Social Media (I.e. Facebook, Twitter etC)

Heavy edits or video production is not necessary. If you need a platform to help record your demo, please use loom.com as its a free tool to screenshare & demo.

A subset of these videos will be showcased to the community on the home screen over the next two weeks.

Progress Update Submission should contain an overview on:

  1. Introduce your project
  2. Introduce the problem & solution
  3. Share the current progress of your project’s development.
  4. Share what’s to come still.
  5. Share the team (if you’d like)

Here is an example of a Pi Hackathon Status Update by Latin-Chain team.

If you have any questions — please submit your comments, questions and feedback on the Pi Hackathon form here:



Pi Core Team