Pi Hackathon Guidance

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3 min readAug 31, 2021

Thanks everyone for your Hackathon midpoint submissions. Based on these submissions, the Core Team has drafted this guidance article to guide members of the Pioneer community who wish to build apps on Pi.

Our overall goal with the Hackathon is to foster community development of Pi apps and ecosystem that will substantiate use cases of the Pi Blockchain. We want to 1) enable community developers to create Pi apps without having to build the whole system or infrastructure from scratch (e.g., authentication, Pi Wallet) and, at the same time, 2) ensure that Pioneers who use Pi apps will have a streamlined, uniform experience in the Pi Browser.

“Pi apps” refer to any app that integrates Pi into their app mechanisms, i.e., having part of their app logic interact with the Pi blockchain (currently Pi Testnet), such as payments. In order to qualify for participating in the Pi Hackathon, Pi apps have to implement Pi integration using our SDK, including user authentication and Pi payments.

Specifically, we require that you:

  • Build a web app and integrate the Pi SDK into it to be accessible through the Pi Browser
  • Use the Pi.authenticate() method of the SDK to verify users instead of asking for a separate login. This will also help you leverage Pi community user base and our KYC implementation in the future.
  • Use the Pi.createPayment() method of the SDK to access the Pi Wallet of the Pi Browser instead of creating an external wallet

Once Mainnet launches, Pi apps using our SDK will automatically work on the public Pi Blockchain and will have access to:

  • The ability to tap into our over 20 million crypto-ready user base
  • Existing Pi infrastructures such as wallets and user verification
  • Other features the Core Team will make available over time
  • Hosting your app on the Pi Server through Pi App Engine (optional, by Core Team’s discretion)
  • A consistent user experience on the Pi Browser

Please refer to the following resources Core Team has made available for your benefit:

Pi SDK Documentation

Pi App Engine Demo

Pi Network’s Official Medium Page

Hackathon — Detailed Guideline and Agenda

Hackathon App Ideas

Hackathon Workshop Videos and Transcripts, which includes discussions on Pi Developer Portal, Pi SDK & Sandbox, and Pi Payments

Quick guide to onboard non-Pioneer Developers

Our Core Team office hours will be available as listed below.

Hakkyung — Tuesday — 3pm PDT // 10pm UTC
Lyriaaw — Wednesday — 7am PDT // 2pm UTC

Remember: Your final submissions are due by 11:59 pm PDT on September 5th!

To submit:
Make sure your app is functional and accessible in the Pi Browser through the URL that you will submit to the following form. You must submit your final project and presentation via the Google form HERE https://forms.gle/FWtDyaFQsS28qgR9A

If you do not have a recorded video for your presentation, schedule a recorded Zoom live presentation session with the Core Team through this link

People should present their final presentation in 3–10 mins

  1. Idea pitch (Problem/Solution, Opportunity, Addressable Market)
  2. App demo, if there is a functioning app
  3. Current team
  4. Future Outlook — What’s next beyond the hackathon for your project.

Acceptable Video Upload format:

  • Youtube — Upload
  • File Upload Google Drive or Dropbox
  • Social Media (I.e. Facebook, Twitter etc)